My favourite view.

When I was at school my uncle lived in a Cornish village on the Rame peninsula. School holidays were often spent with my aunt and uncle. My cousin John was a couple of years older than me and took me under his wing. He teased me because I didn’t like swimming through seaweed.  He was […]

Ride a Cock Horse …

This is my grandson Michael. Shortly after he was born his father (my eldest son) decided to make a rocking horse. Lovingly carved out of wood in his spare time. The spare time became ‘sparse’ time and as Michael grew he began to help his dad with the project. Eventually it was abandoned and consigned […]

Bah humbug! (Goosespeak)

Goosey hates this time of year. He gets exceedingly nervous when he hears people singing ‘Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat’.  First of all he feels it is not politically correct to refer to his increasing girth … ? Fatism? And secondly he is convinced he is on someone’s Hit List. I’ve […]