The goose is back!

Poor old Goosey. Like me, he’s getting old but I saw a hint of fire in his eye as he sat on my lap watching me negotiating my way into this Blog. He had to put his spectacles on to read the entries and hissed with displeasure when he realised how long it has been since I last wrote anything.

Well, as Oscar Wilde said ‘The way to hell is paved with good intentions’. Can I make the excuse that I’ve been busy painting? No! So what caused me to grab da Goose and make my way here? Well, I’m downsizing (hollow laughter from my feathered friend). All my activities seem to engender ‘stuff’ that has to be stored somewhere. In addition to my painting stuff Ive now taken on a dolls house and formed a charity knitting group – would you believe how much room the yarn takes up? So the other day I looked at my books. So many art books – all in good condition. And as many books on creative writing. Interesting titles – Body trauma. Poisons and the like. I needed the space and my local library agreed to take them. Aren’t books heavy? My poor husband staggered off with two boxes. Soooooooo …. did I write? No! But that reminded me of this Blog and poor Goosey who was waiting patiently for me. Anyway I found it on my iPad. Just have to set up the separate keyboard and I can touch type again rather than use one finger.

People it’s gone 5am and Ive not been to bed. Goosey has waddled off and curled up on an old cushion (hope it doesn’t contain a relative of his!)?and is snoring softly. You see its Election night here and we just had to stay up to see most of the results.

So of to bed me

Yours aye

Goosey anne

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