The Strawberry Thief

The title given to this beautiful design by William Morris so beloved of the National Trust and the Chattering Classes but it is not only birds who thieve the strawberries! George and I are housesitting again – this time a delightful former vicarage in Cambridgeshire.  Renovated and extended into a warm, comfortable, beautiful family home […]

The luck of the Smarts

George and I have this ‘thing’ which blights our plans to eat out whilst travelling. Over the years there was the (well known to G) Indian restaurant which had burned down. The Sainsbury’s cafeteria which was closed for renovation. The pub which is now a house. Etc etc – you get the picture. So today […]

My chain of office … Part I

  I arrived in Oxford in 1973 after the breakdown of my first marriage. My father had found a house for me to rent within walking distance of the city centre.  I needed a job quickly.  I had not worked for anyone for 17 years and was prepared to do almost anything but what I really […]

Millie – our latest charge

   I slept well last night. This morning I was woken by a tongue licking my left hand which was on the edge of the bed. Millie had come into the bedroom to wake me up. George was still sleeping peacefully. I checked the time … 7am. Fine. I groped my way to the wardrobe […]

Art for art’s sake …

   No, not me but my Greatgrandson enjoying a painting session! Perhaps he will take after me? Who knows! I’ve had a very productive art-filled year which, combined with our housesitting, has kept me busy. These days I’ve been taking on a lot of commissions, mainly for pet portraits, which I must admit I do […]

Animals and me …

Goosey has interrupted me noisily here and pointed out that he is a bird.  I`ve calmed him down with a Lemon Sherbert (his favourite treat) and at least it stops him chipping in for a bit. Where was I?  Yes animals … they have always played an important place in my life.  As a small […]

Activity since my absence

Just to let you know that I have been busy during the time that my Blog has languished sad, forlorn, forgotten and unnourished pending the arrival of a Bluetooth keyboard and my newfound ability to touch type on my iPad. George, Goosey and I have spent a lot of time housesitting.  Looking after some lovely […]