About Gooseyanne

Fine Feathers

A happily married artist living in Lincolnshire UK.  When I retired from work a few years ago I said I was going to fulfil my long-stifled ambitions – I was going to sail, paint and write.  Well I did the sailing bit and have the injuries to show for it – am still painting and this blog was started to keep me writing.

The painting shown here is one of my favourite subjects – Bantam cockerels.  They are so feisty and full of attitude.  More of my work can be seen on my website: www.annesmart.weebly.com

I do tend to put down thoughts as they come into my head in a rather ill-disciplined fashion so forgive if the reading is a little `bumpy` but I hope you enjoy sharing my thoughts and doings.

17 thoughts on “About Gooseyanne

  1. Ms. Goosey,
    My eyes are acting up. If you get stranger responses than normal, I have a little hubby help and his typing is a we-bit lacking. Just wanted you to know. I’ll miss your blog daily and you, but will be back as quick as I can when my eyes learn to behave properly!…..Jill


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