Daily Prompt: Expert

IMG_2195This is George – my husband. He is an Expert (with a capital ‘E’) yes indeed an Expert at teasing me or, to use an English term, at pulling my leg.

Before we actually met face to face some 13 years ago he told me about the love of his life – he had admired her at a distance, for years. He had not the courage to tell her his feelings as he knew she was already married. This, of course, roused my curiosity and not a little jealousy. We were speaking on the phone. Me in Cornwall and him in Lincolnshire. After much prodding on my part ( and not a little nail-biting for I wondered how he would compare me to this paragon) he eventually revealed her name … Sophia Loren!  Good job we were some 300 miles apart or I would have thrown something at him!

And so it went on and so it continues … My Expert – My husband.

Yours aye,





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