The Strawberry Thief

StrawberrythiefThe title given to this beautiful design by William Morris so beloved of the National Trust and the Chattering Classes but it is not only birds who thieve the strawberries!

George and I are housesitting again – this time a delightful former vicarage in Cambridgeshire.  Renovated and extended into a warm, comfortable, beautiful family home set in lovely grounds with mature trees.  And did I mention the outdoor heated swimming pool which we have permission to use?

We are looking after two dogs – both black Labradors.  One elderly and arthritic who greets us with a gappy toothed Goofy-like smile in the morning and he waddles around a bit like me on a bad day.  Arthritis aint funny. The other dog is two years old - well-behaved and chases his ball relentlessly (I`m lost in admiration at his ability to pant and keep the ball in his mouth!)

One of our tasks is to water the plants in the garden this hot weather.  My job usually.  We have all the doors open to keep the house cool.  By the French doors in the sitting room we use there are strawberry plants spreading out over the gravel drive – and I spotted lovely strawberries growing.  One large, plump specimen I gently lifted off the gravel and placed a leaf underneath it to save the fruit from damage.  It would be ready in a couple of days.

George and I were in the sitting room yesterday evening and I mentioned the strawberries and told him I had sampled one.  Thats the one I was watching he said - the large one by the door. No I replied - the one I ate was small I`ve placed the large one on a leaf until it ripens. ` George protested that it had gone and accused me of eating it.  That was enough.  I went outside and sure enough, the prime strawberry had vanished - just its hull left on the stalk.

Later that evening I watched the younger dog just outside the open door – he was sniffing around the strawberry plants and gently picking and eating them!!!!!  I`ve heard of feeding donkeys strawberries but …

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7 thoughts on “The Strawberry Thief

  1. Long time no read. Switerland being strawberry country, they do tend to grow everywhere. We often find wild strawberries at the edge of the woods. I had a lot in the garden at one time when I was still fairly active (have now been diagnosed with MS – but no big deal) and am celebrating my 70 birthday this year. I had to cover the earth with straw, hence the name of the plant, to keep them clean. Have just come back from London, my dad passed away aged 100 and 7 months. It will probably be my last visit ever to London. I visited Waltham and the abbey, my friend’s bf lives there, what a wonderful oldie worlde place. In England. You open all the windows and doors to cool down and in Switzerland my other half closes all the blinds and doors to keep the hot air out – go figure, Swiss style I suppose. Glad to read from you again, and hope you are keeping fit and well

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  2. Pat – good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the MS but knowing your redoubtable spirit I expect you will take it in your stride. Great age for your father – a century and a bit! The passing of an era I expect for you. I didn`t know that Switzerland specialised in strawberries. I drove through there a couple of years ago on the way to Italy and loved the scenery. I think closing doors and windows is a continental thing – I tend to do this too and shut the sunlight out as I believe those on the continent know all about hot weather! It seems to work.
    I am celebrating my 80th birthday in September – returning to a lovely villa we rented last year – some of the family and a friend are joining us so we will have a great `do`.


  3. Anne I have just discovered your blog via your like on my Facebook page and signed up. Your descriptions of your daily happenings sound so enjoyable I look forward to learning more about you.


    1. Sorry to be so tardy in replying Renate. Thank you for your kind remarks. I don’t write regularly as I prefer my iPad to my laptop but forget to use the Bluetooth keyboard. Must get organised!


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