The luck of the Smarts

George and I have this ‘thing’ which blights our plans to eat out whilst travelling. Over the years there was the (well known to G) Indian restaurant which had burned down. The Sainsbury’s cafeteria which was closed for renovation. The pub which is now a house. Etc etc – you get the picture.

So today when we planned to have lunch out as our clients were returning at 7pm perhaps you can understand my concern.

We had planned to visit the National Trust  Wimpole Hall Home Farm and have lunch there. No! Rain forecast. So we drove on to a Nepalese restaurant. Four men finishing their main meal but no one on the desk or behind the bar. We waited. No one. Twice George banged on the kitchen door and shouted. No response. We walked out and drove to a pub.

The bar was crowded with people – lots of black ties. We went in the other entrance looking for the restaurant – same bar but other end. Spoke to a harassed barmaid and said we wanted lunch. ‘Sorry’ she said ‘we’re doing a buffet for a funeral party. We stopped doing lunch at 1.30’.

I livened up the company considerably by laughing long and hard to be led hastily back to the car by George.

We had a super lunch back at the housesit – all the less to take home this evening.


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