Millie – our latest charge

I slept well last night. This morning I was woken by a tongue licking my left hand which was on the edge of the bed. Millie had come into the bedroom to wake me up. George was still sleeping peacefully. I checked the time … 7am. Fine. I groped my way to the wardrobe to get my dressing gown, feeling tentatively with my feet for a small, white furry body on the carpet.Not so.

 An impatient bark from downstairs. I went downstairs and opened the back door. Millie hovered on the threshold sniffing the air. It was raining! Obviously Millie doesn’t do rain.

She said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and went back to her basket.

I knew better than to give her her breakfast right away or this could lead to a 6am wake up call tomorrow.

It’s now just gone 8am. She’s had her breakfast but still has not been out for a wee. Ha madam. I now know your bladder capacity!

Yours aye



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