Art for art’s sake …


No, not me but my Greatgrandson enjoying a painting session! Perhaps he will take after me? Who knows!

I’ve had a very productive art-filled year which, combined with our housesitting, has kept me busy. These days I’ve been taking on a lot of commissions, mainly for pet portraits, which I must admit I do enjoy. In addition to this I have given quite a few demonstrations to art groups and held the occasional workshop. All very nice but it has meant that I’ve had little time to paint for ‘me’! For example, I have some exciting sprinkle paints that I bought back in the summer and still have not found the time to have a ‘play’. They are definitely not the sort of thing I would take to use whilst housesitting either as one accidental splash on carpets or upholstery would be permanent.

I enjoy giving demonstrations and sharing my love of art. I usually travel within a 50 mile radius of my home but back in the summer I was due to give an evening demonstration and then we accepted a housesit in Hampstead. I booked bed and breakfast accommodation near the art club premises as I didn’t fancy driving back to London late at night after a two hour demo. The b&b was lovely. I went there first, unpacked my night gear and put my feet up before driving a couple of miles to the venue. I was greeted warmly – it was warm in the hall too. About 50 people (mainly women) chattering away as I set up my gear. Easel on table at the right height (I’ve given up using a free standing easel as it is too easy to trip over the legs whilst moving around). Two pots filled with water, brushes laid out. Paints at the ready.  Then HORROR! I had not got my board with the sketched subject taped on or my reference photo. Various ideas flashed through my mind. Do I quietly pack up my stuff and sneak out? No-one was taking much notice of me. Do I ‘fess up and pay up? Do I give a two hour lecture on art? Deep breath … Common sense kicked in and I went out to my car. There, in the black lined boot was my black case containing the missing board etc. Whew! I sauntered back into the hall, finished my preparation and was ready to begin my demonstration on time.

Yours aye,



2 thoughts on “Art for art’s sake …

  1. Hello, remember me from the good old Multiply days? I see you are still in WordPress and so am I. I still blog more or less daily, although they are now repeating the old themes and so I discovered my old blog on a subject and saw your comment. One thing leads to another and I deceided to see if Gooseyanne was still painting and if she still blogs and success. It looks like your grandson is following in your painting steps, although still has a few things to learn. I have now been retired for a few years and enjoy my cyber golden oldie life with computer, digi camera and all that belongs to it. I hope you are keeping well and great to see you write from time to time.


    1. Hello Pat. Good to hear from you again. Hope you are enjoying your retirement. My eldest son is 53 this year. Over Christmas I reminded him what he said to me when I announced I was going to retire at 60. That was 20 years ago and it seems like yesterday! Happy New Year.


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