Things are looking up …

GooseyAnne? A woman and her goose? Whatever next!
Has anyone read ‘Archie’s Life of Mehatibel’? The story of a cockroach living in a New York office who, when everyone went home, was writing the life of Mehatibel, the office cat. Now being a cockroach he could only type very slowly by jumping hard on each key. His one frustration was that everything was in lower case. He could not manage the shift key.
To his delight he found one evening that the typist had left the Shift Lock on and he could type in capitals!
I am like Archie. Why you may wonder… Well I’ve been using an iPad for some time now, only using my laptop for long winded stuff. I am a touch typist and find tapping the keys on the iPad, one at a time, very frustrating so my blog has been neglected. BUT (Shift Lock stuff) I’ve bought a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. Not using it at the moment as I’m in bed and Goosey and George are watching the football in the sitting room. So I shall be able to write using my iPad and resurrect my Blog – always supposing I have any readers left!
More to come … Promise.
Yours aye,

2 thoughts on “Things are looking up …

  1. Yay! By the way, I agree with you, one absolutely needs a keyboard to tap out posts. 😀 That’s interesting stuff about the roach who writes! I am curious now and want to read the book.


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