What have I been doing?


No not giving birth! Gave all that up a long time ago.
There has been a conflict of interest between writing and painting and I’m afraid painting has won. In addition, I have treated myself to an iPad and now use this much more than my laptop but, for writing, the touch typist in me deplores the constant jabbing, one key at a time.
The above picture was painted using pastels from a photograph by Suzanne Wallick. It is called Alaina After the Bath. I hope you like it. I was fortunate enough to be nominated the winner of a three month online Pastel competition by submitting this painting as my entry.


2 thoughts on “What have I been doing?

  1. Congrats! The painting is beautiful. Lol @ No, not giving birth 😛
    iPad is convenient for its size, but the typing is a pain if you intend writing more than a few lines..


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