Creeping in a little shamefaced …

I am truly humbled – I had no idea that my disappearance from this blog would create so much trouble and concern. Please forgive me for being thoughtless.
Strangely we do form quite a close relationship with some of our virtual friends witnessed by the few of us who have stuck together through the thickset and thins of 360, Multiply, Yahoo and other sites. Some of us have found each other on Facebook and so the contact and care continues. Others? Yes we do wonder if they are surviving the various crises and challenges that life seems to throw their way.
So, having realised that I have been neglecting you, I reset my forgotten password and now intend to write more regular posts and catch up with you all.
A quick update: George and I are well, busy as ever with our house sitting and me with my painting. Daisy-dog is still visited about four times a year and, although now five years old, will still steal any food that is left within her considerable reach! Like most Labradors, she lives to eat.
We are to become great-grandparents for the first time next February – a very exciting time as a new generation of our family enters this world.
I’ve progressed to an iPad but still use my laptop and wish I was using it now as trying to touch type on an iPad keyboard is not the best way of doing things. The iPad was a consolation prize to myself for a cancelled trip to Florence, Italy … But now I am planning to make that trip in 2014! And will I relinquish the iPad? Of course not!
Yours aye,


9 thoughts on “Creeping in a little shamefaced …

  1. Success. ?.. you bet you seek them here are seek them there and sooner or later you will find who you look for. I am so happy to see you back here on WP. I know that you have both been very busy and so we do not expect everyday post. Just knowing that you are there somewhere is good enough for me. I too use my ipad and then when I read back I find so many errors that it sounds like gobbledegook.
    have a great day Anne and stay wind and rain free.
    Has anyone where we can find ClassyAnn for Barb 19? Another disappearee


    1. Hello Patrecia Thanks for the welcome. Sorry Classy Kate was not on my list of contacts so can’t help you with that. We are off to Folkestone for a two day holiday break tomorrow. My birthday pressie to George. We both like Canterbury, I want to visit Rye and Winchelsea and we shall be seeking the farm where George and his East End family spent every summer hop picking! Sore feet methinks but should be interesting eh? Have a good day Anne

      Sent from my iPad



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