I’m still around…

George and I were pleased to be reunited when I arrived at the Abbey on Wednesday. Boy it’s chilly in these old houses – this one is made of stone with stone floors downstairs and, to compound the felony, the worksurfaces and large table in the kitchen are … marble!!! Still I’ve been here before so knew to bring plenty of warm clothing with me. An added problem is that, although there is central heating, it is kept low because of the valuable old paintings that hang on the walls – well I’m all for art (I think!)

I’m busy preparing for my video shot on Wednesday – a short intro to my website then a clip of me painting – I’ve chosen to paint a bantam cockerel as they are one of my favourite subjects and one with which I am totally happy and confident. George gives me a funny look when he catches me practising my intro in front of the mirror …

The drains are playing up here so we can’t use the washing machine and drier which is in the office where I am typing this … we have to go next door to The Undercroft (a wonderful building with high vaulted stone ceilings) as the owner has given us permission to use their facilities. So bagwash people we have become …

The cat gave me a lovely welcome and certainly remembered from our visit here last year. He is quite a character – when he wants to come in he hangs by his fingernails on the stone windowsill in the kitchen and squizzes us through the glass! When we are upstairs he knows we will let him in if he goes onto his favourite garden seat so we keep an eye open for him there. Too cold for puss to be out too long even if he has got a nice thick coat.

Just a short note this time – hope to catch up with you all later.


7 thoughts on “I’m still around…

  1. well I am not happy that you are cold but i am happy that the beautiful mansion is cold…that makes me feel so contant with what I have…a lovely little old house with central heating all over…that was great to know that and stops me from feeling envious…and they got no proper useable drains


  2. Me too! Still waiting on the video and painting, lol! Ah, I have to give you a hard time since it’s been awhile since we’ve seen you — hope you’re having fun and looking forward to seeing you on here soon!


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