It`s been quite a week and it`s hard to realise it`s only Tuesday (well heading rapidly towards Wednesday as I write).

George headed off on the housesit on Saturday – the car was well-laden as we have boxes of stuff we always take with us – we are supposed to supply our own food (although we are given a food allowance) so all the basics arrive with us. We are still puzzled as to the disappearance of George`s favourite carving knife and sharpening stone – we are both sure they were well-wrapped and packed together with our corkscrew for a housesit we had last summer. We have hunted high and low and they haven`t turned up at home yet we cannot believe we left them behind in the house because we did not need to use them – ah well. Anyway, having waved George farewell I turned back into the house to begin to tackle the things I wanted/needed to do before following him later.

I am on a rota to lead the Intercessions in our church – my turn on Sunday – the first Sunday in Lent. That was top of my list so I did my preparation before writing the prayers – that was Saturday evening. On Sunday morning I woke up with a cold – I never get colds – cough, snuffle, sniff. Oh dear. It cleared up a bit by the time the service started at 10 am and I was able to read the prayers with a clear voice. Job done. The next thing was a meeting in the church with the chair of our Mission Committee because we are planning an Art & Flower Festival in the church in May. I wanted to see where the picture stands could be put so as not to interfere with the Sunday church service. OK – that didn`t take long – a quick sketch of the sites and off home.

Dinner was already cooking in the slow cooker – slow braised skirt of beef – it smelled good. It tasted even better. Not certain where the rest of Sunday went … but I made some delicious Butternut Squash soup for lunch and put some in a container to take down to George on Wednesday.

Monday – developed a cold sore on my top lip and I am due to film a video clip for my website next week too! Herpes simplex takes its time – I used to suffer from them a lot but haven`t had one for ages. Had the second portion of braised beef with some rice for dinner and froze the other two portions for when George and I return. Sorted out a route map for my drive to the place where I am being filmed and began to work on my presentation. Looked at two or three video clips on the site to get some idea of what will happen. Realised what I had already written was inappropriate … back to the drawing board.

Tuesday – I did not want to get up! I wanted to stay in my nice, warm, comfy bed. There was a thick frost outside. George had asked me to go to a local shopping outlet to buy some embrocation cream he wanted. Didn`t he realise I felt rough? The car was covered with frost. I did not want to go outside to scrape the frost off … brain clicked in … I waited for the sun to defrost the car! Grabbed the last of the home portion of soup and a roll for lunch and then off to the hall to set up for the Chinese Brush demonstration which I had arranged for our art group for the afternoon. You would not believe how long it has taken me to find someone who would give us a demonstration on this beautiful art form – well someone who was good at it that is. She was expensive – our small group sucked in their breath when I told them her fee but boy she was worth every penny. After watching her work we were each issued with a large piece of Chinese paper, given some ink and loaned a palette and a brush and we had to set to work. Most of the group produced a sort-of version of the Cherry Blossom we were supposed to be copying. Me? well I filled my sheet of paper with trunks, branches mainly and the odd rabbit and flower popped in. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Steamed lemon salmon for dinner with boiled potatoes and broccoli – George doesn`t like fresh salmon so I indulged myself in his absence. Cold much worse in the evening – sniff, snuff over the phone to George who ordered me to have some whisky. I did as I was told and made a stiff hot toddy and off to bed. Couple of hours sleep and now wide awake – no more whisky but, for the present, no more cold …

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have a taxi coming to the house to take me to the bus stop where I will travel by coach to Coventry where George will be at the coach station to meet me and take me to the housesit – he says he will be glad to see me – to share the work with him!!!!!! I will have computer access so will be able to keep in touch but as I have to go outside in the courtyard (that`s where the office is) I doubt if I will be blogging at near-midnight …

11 thoughts on “Whew!

    1. Thank you – I sometimes wish I could just sit back and watch tv – but that isn`t me. Embrocation cream? An old-fashioned name for a rather old-fashioned product – it is a cream that is rubbed onto joints that ache – usually through sports injuries – probably the massage does as much good as the cream!


      1. Ahh. Muscle rub, sports liniment. I’m attempting some homemade capsaicin rub right now, as a matter of fact. If my concoction works, I’ll post the recipe.
        I am on doctors orders to be sedentary lately, and I really miss having a vibrant life. Glad I can read about yours 🙂


  1. My poor sweets ((hugs)). I hope you feel better soon and get some rest. Can’t have my friend tired and not feeling good. I asked mom to fix me a toddy – it sounded interesting. She told me I was too young. Shucks – I’m a big piggy now. XOXO – Bacon


    1. Awwww Bacon – if that whisky bottle wasn`t empty I would sneak you a toddy on the sly – just think what havoc you could wreak after slurping that!!! Thanks for the good wishes – I feel better today but Goosey is looking a bit peaky (or should that be beaky?).


      1. I hope Goosey starts to feeling better soon too. Mom says I get too out of control when I just have sugar. I don’t get sugar that much. If I had a little bit of whisky, just imagine what I could do. I bet you this pig could fly! Mom better watch the liquor cabinet – snort chuckles.


  2. You are one busy lady, and I can almost smell all that food you talked about in this post! So sorry you’re feeling poorly and I hope the toddy sent the rotten cold a’packin. Hope your trip to your housesit was good!


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