Weekly Photo Challenge : The KIss

source: www.sculpturegallery.com
Rodin : The Kiss
source: www.zazzle.com
The Kiss (detail) by Gustav Klimt
The Kiss by Alfred Einstaedt
The Kiss by Alfred Einstaedt

Now here you are going to have to excuse me on two counts. First of all, George has gone off on the housesit (I will follow later next week) so I can`t grab him and do a photo of us in a loving embrace using delayed shutter and secondly, George has taken my camera with him. Sooooooooooo I have to cheat slightly for this one and have `borrowed` photographs which mean `The Kiss` to me.
The first photograph is of the magnificent life-size sculpture by Auguste Rodin it is in the Musee Rodin in Paris but there is a copy in a museum in London (I can`t remember which one) but I remember seeing it some years ago and marvelling at the way Rodin had turned the cold, white stone into living, breathing flesh.

The second photograph is a detail of the famous `The Kiss` by Gustav Klimt. It is a shame that I didn`t show the full picture as part of its attraction is the sheer length of those figures. Klimt has used gold lavishly and to great effect in this wonderful painting.

The final photograph was taken on August 14, 1945 – President Truman had just announced the end of WWII. The Life magazine photographer Alfred Einstaedt just happened to be in Times Square and he noticed this ecstatic sailor, grabbing every girl he saw and kissing her in jubilation. He grabbed a nurse and Einstaedt took the picture that was to announce that the war had ended! An iconic image – it was published in Life and it made the front cover of the UK magazine Picture Post – I can still see it in my mind`s eye.
To my mind this is the best and most meaningful `kiss` photograph ever taken.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : The KIss

  1. Now I’m terribly disappointed there is no you and George… 😉
    However, I have to agree with you on the Rodin. I spent a lot of time in the Rodin museum in Paris and it is an incredible work.. though it is still his Eternelle Idole that remains my favourite.


  2. Much as it would be fun to see a picture of you and George in a hot embrace, I also enjoyed seeing these pictures. If they are enjoyable to look at, so what if you didn’t take them yourself? Thanks for posting them, Anne!


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