Our next housesit – we were there same time last year …

Stoneleigh Abbey 2012

Another beautiful house to look after for just over two weeks. It will be good to return again and make friends with Lucky the cat (the main reason we are there). Although there is a regular team of staff in and out, the cat gets lonely at night!

I`ve packed lots of woolly-pullies as these large houses can be draughty. This one has a large log fire in the sitting room (which is on the first floor so logs have to be carried upstairs – not always by us as Dave (the factotum) is usually very helpful.)

Living, as we do, in our small bungalow we will certainly get lots of exercise here!


15 thoughts on “Our next housesit – we were there same time last year …

    1. We work for a company in Aylesbury Patrecia – they are not all in the `stately homes` category some screamingly modern with a frightening array of gadgets. Requirements: love of animals; (me) love of antiques and knowledge thereof; impeccable references; extreme flexibility and ready to go at a moment`s notice. Both George and I like being on the move the only real drawback is that we can`t have pets of our own.


  1. I showed hubby the photo, and he said ” it looks like Hyacinth’s country house”. I assured him you were not a fuss budget like the character in Keeping Up Appearances. But pretty much all our knowledge of the UK comes from BBC reruns on public TV!


      1. I was wearing a summery, floral dress – and probably pearls! I had spoken to the sidesman the week before when George was in Orlando playing golf and said he would be with me the following week. I introduced George when he came with me and the man asked how we were spending our holiday – George replied that we were going on a cruise to Mexico. The man then said `Are you taking Mrs. Bucket with you?` I do have a rather BBC English accent and was dressed for church – hence … no white gloves though!


  2. Wow, you and George could easily lose each other in a house that big! Well, I guess you’ve learned your way around there by now, but at any rate, like you said, you two can surely get a workout while your there without ever going to a gym!


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