Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters.

In all my long life I have never, ever met anyone quite like him.
A Londoner born and bred with the East End sense of humour that never fails and `h`s` that disappear willy-nilly unless he`s singing a hymn or a song (I always wonder why they appear then).
Shortish, roundish, baldish, bespectacled with blue blue eyes that twinkle.
Never short of a witty retort and never backward in giving a helping hand.
With better opportunities earlier in life – his family were poor but good parents – he could certainly have gone to university even in days when so few of his generation did so.
With better education I think he would have gone into the church as an Anglican priest and what a good priest he would have made.
He can argue the hind leg off a donkey and if not convinced that you are being convinced by his argument, will raise his voice to reinforce his point. He is learning to realise that we will never agree on quite a few things!
A sport fanatic who was robbed of a promising career as a football professional when, at age 14, he had to have a toe amputated. He was, at that time, playing for Arsenal Juniors. It did not stop him from playing as a semi-professional until in his mid-forties. He was always amazed that he got paid for doing something he so enjoyed and there is not a trace of resentment that his career and life could have been so different but for that accident.
A devoted man who married his childhood sweetheart with whom he had two children. He was later nearly destroyed when she left him after forty years for another man. He admits that he contemplated suicide and even made a half-hearted attempt to do so.
At this very dark time in his life he was advised by a psycho-therapist to keep a diary – which he did. I have read these diaries and they bring tears to the eyes – his soul laid bare, his raw unhappiness on page after page but, through all this, no bitterness only hope and his trust in God never wavered.
An abounding love of animals – especially dogs and horses; an interest in so many things; a deep and profound love for his family and pride in his grandchildren tempered sometimes with hurt and concern when they encounter troubles.
A desire to do good to all men and to see good in all men without being naïve.
He`s never been wealthy but he has never – in his adult life – gone without. I sometimes wonder about his childhood and think that as a child he went to bed hungry – hence his wish to have a snack at bedtime now.
A retired publican who would rather drink a pint of milk than a pint of anything alcoholic – not that he is teetotal and he does enjoy the odd glass of wine or beer.
Who is this man? None other than my rock, my partner, my friend, my companion, my helpmate and my husband – George.


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