The North Sea coast …

The Sentinel - acrylic on box canvas
The Sentinel – acrylic on box canvas

This was painted from one of our visits to the East coast of England where the North Sea rolls into a shallow shore lapping its muddy waves on the beach.

Having spent 23 years in Cornwall (the South-West of England) with its magnificent beaches and azure seas I must admit that the East coast doesn`t really grab me at all although sometimes I have to visit just to listen to the sound of the waves shushing on the shore – if I close my eyes I may be back in Cornwall again – maybe! I`m not unhappy living where I do – it`s just that I miss the Cornish coast …

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5 thoughts on “The North Sea coast …

    1. So what dragged me away from my beloved Cornwall? I met and married George who lived in Lincolnshire – we discussed at some length where we should make our home and Lincs won – near to his family and nearer to mine and in our old age rather more convenient so far as transport is concerned. It was worth it! I like the Lincolnshire countryside and enjoy the big skies. It`s only the sea and coast that I miss …


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