Oh yes, next door`s cat is very interested in my bird-table – I wonder what he will think up next?


7 thoughts on “Sneaky!!!!!

    1. Grrrr – I`ll give him Sylvester!!! I`ve made my displeasure at his stalking my birds as obvious as ;possible other than taking a pop at him with any handy missile (!) but he doesn`t take a blind bit of notice …


      1. Well, Sylvester is a black cat, too — maybe him and this cat are related, lol! Our house cat used to go outside and occasionally bring us back a bird she’d stalked and killed, and didn’t understand why we’d be so aggravated with her. One day she decided to stalk a group of crows in the back yard. Problem was, the crows were all bigger than her and they outnumbered her. By the time they gave her a thrashing she was cured of stalking birds, and was even timid about going outside, lol!


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