Sorry for the absence …

So sorry my friends that I have not been around much this week.

Last Sunday when we were in church George began to feel cold – it was cold anyway because of the boilers has broken down – we dashed home right after the service and George went straight to bed. 

He stayed in bed until Friday – has had a recurrence of a kidney infection.  He is now on antibiotics but not at all himself.  So I have been nurse, carer, shopper, head-cook and bottle-washer all week!!!!

He must have felt really poorly because he doesn`t do nothing slowly anywhere as near as well as I can.

29 thoughts on “Sorry for the absence …

  1. Missed you, but glad it’s not anything too serious. Kidney infections can be horrible, so it’s good you caught that in time. I’m thinking you get some extra chocolate-filled gold stars this week for working ‘above and beyond’ !


    1. Oh boy – chocolate-filled gold stars are just what I need right now! Yummy. George is over the kidney infection but now waiting for the side-effects from the antibiotics he had to take to wear off.


    1. Thank you so much – it is so sad to see him just lying there – not eating – not really feeling like doing anything – hope he picks up soon. He`s like a fussy pussycat – I`m trying to tempt him to eat with things he really likes …think I`ll lay off the jellied eels though!!!! (That`s a Londoner`s real treat – I loathe them myself)


  2. Poor George…I do hope that he will soon make a complete recovery..and poor puts so much more on your shoulders. What happened about the house sit…was it this weekend?


    1. Thank you for your good wishes – the housesit was just Saturday night – we had to find the manor house in the dark in the Essex countryside- it was 2 miles up an unmade, unmarked road – even the locals didn`t know where it was! Felt idiots as we had to phone the owner a couple of times – still lovely house, lovely dogs and nice owner – she wants us back for a longer stay!


  3. Wanted to wish George a speedy recovery so I clicked “like,” but want you to know that I don’t like that he’s sick and that you’re having a rough go of it as well. Take care of yourself, Anne, and praying for healing for George!


    1. Thank you Becky – we did the housesit overnight on Saturday and he insisted that it should go ahead but came back home yesterday evening and went straight to bed – he is still there – poor George 😦


    1. Thanks – he`s now off the antibiotics which had awful side-effects – necessary as they killed the infection but darned nigh finished him off with them. He insisted on driving home yesterday evening – I kept offering – I have never been so scared in my life – I was a nervous wreck by the time we got home.


      1. Funny how hard it is for some people to give up control of the car. I love driving and am always happy to drive anywhere at any time (and as much as I may complain about my commuter lifestyle and the miles I put on my truck every day just going back and forth to work – I really don’t mind, but shhh don’t tell anyone), but I’m equally as happy to relinquish control if I’m not up to par.


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