Elke – coloured pencil


This is a drawing I did for George shortly after we first met nearly ten years ago. We were getting to know one another and one thing that came to the fore was our shared love of animals. He told me all about Elke, his beloved German Shepherd – a stray that he had taken to the Shelter – half-starved and very ill. He visited her regularly and eventually was allowed to take her home – he even used to carry her outside so she could go to the toilet. She recovered with George`s loving care and attention and was his faithful companion for many years. Sadly she died just a couple of years before we met.

George loaned me a photograph and I did this pencil drawing for him – it is framed and in our sitting room – I am looking at it as I type.

If you would like to see more of my paintings please visit my website – http://www.annesmart.weebly.com

8 thoughts on “Elke – coloured pencil

  1. all very beautiful…it makes me feel quite humble to have such a talented artist as my friend..thank you Ann. If I had money I would buy every single one they are so lovely


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