This is our next housesit …


Apparently Queen Elizabeth I slept here and so shall we! I believe we shall have a four-poster bed. Only for the weekend but we are looking forward to it and exploring a lovely Tudor mansion.


15 thoughts on “This is our next housesit …

    1. It`s only a `quickie` sit this time but looks an interesting place – I expect it will be a tad chilly this time of year but I shall go prepared. It has central heating but with places that old and that big it doesn`t always work too well. I`ll leave room for you in the car …


  1. what an opportunity to have a look around. We have a house sitter coming for the whole month of June whilst we go to the Far East but they will also animal sit as well and my house is nothing like that!

    Have fun and take some pictures…are there any ghosts?


    1. They are not all that grand but usually very, very nice. We normally look after pets too but there is none at this place. Ghost? Yes one, we have been told – a little black dog that died in 1995 and belonged to the owner – he scratches frantically at the door to be let it! All part of life`s rich pattern!!!!


  2. I am trying to be happy for you and not too envious:). Have a very wonderful adventure. And a ghost dog… How charming! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, just as the icing on your cake this week. Enjoy it all!


    1. Wow! Thank you so much. I am indeed honoured. Got a lot on my plate at the moment – George is not too well and has taken to his bed – I am head cook, bottle-washer and nurse as well as finding time to paint and plan a couple of art exhibitions …


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