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Grimm's Furry Tail

My dogs love frisbees.  LOVE them.  The problem, though, is that these plastic discs last about two seconds around my house.  They can only hold up so long against the catching, chomping, chewing, crunching and tugging done to them by my canines.  Until I go shopping again, they are an endangered commodity.


Rufus With Blue Frisbee


Somehow, Rufus found an almost completely intact specimen today.  This is like finding the Holy Grail–it’s rumored to exist, but no one knows where to find it. Where it was discovered, I’ll never know.  Perhaps it was one of Grimm’s secretly hidden discs.  He has a few caches of favorite things around the yard; problem is, he forgets where he places these items.  My guess is that Rufus just happened to stumble upon one of these treasures.


Chewing on the Frisbee



Rufus started to munch on the frisbee, savoring the subtle flavors of the plastic and further…

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    1. She is an amazing person – works in or as a vet – Rufus is her latest acquisition – brought in just a few weeks ago having been accidentally run over by his owners who couldn`t afford the treatment he needed so he was going to be put down. She took pity on him and brought him home with the intention of rehoming him … the rest is history!


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