Just call me Al …

just call me al...

I so enjoyed doing this painting and yes, Simon & Garfunkel are one of my top favourites!

15 thoughts on “Just call me Al …

      1. I know the feeling Jill – I once saw some elephants in the park whilst driving to work in England – had to do a double take – later learned it was the circus parked up there!


  1. The expression on Al’s face is one of superiority…love it…obviously he does not suffer fools gladly, or is it the ‘stiff upper lip’ of the British


  2. I always look forward to seeing your new work. Al is wonderful! The texture of his fur is so realistic, and I really like how he is positioned lower in the frame. It does add to his look of ‘superiority’, like we have to look up to see him.


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