`England expects every (snow)man to do his duty`

To misquote (ever so slightly) the immortal words of our national hero – Horatio Nelson.

I`m now going to quote the poem `Humpty Dumpty` by Kit Wright

Humpty Dumpty had a bad summer

Humpty Dumpty`s spring was a bummer

Humpty`s winter was not good at all

But Humpty Dumpty HAD A GREAT FALL!

Well not quite accurate representation of our weather year in the UK because the fall brought incessant rain and floods to certain areas.

Now we have had heavy snow blanketing the UK and causing its usual chaos (we are not really prepared for it and it always comes as something of a surprise and is allowed to upset schools, airports and travel arrangements generally).  At the moment it is getting warmer but, on looking at the Huffington Post this morning, I learn that the cold snap will return, bringing with it more snow – then the temperatures are due to take an upward turn leading to already sodden ground receiving yet more water as the snow melts – and floods are predicted.

What else do I learn from the Huffington Post? – you are going to have to believe this – our Environment Agency has issued a statement urging people to build snowmen – yes snowmen – because they will melt more slowly thus reducing the amount of water to soak into the ground at one time.



So people of Britain – don`t just sit there in your blankets and thermal underwear – get outside and get building snowmen NOW.


6 thoughts on “`England expects every (snow)man to do his duty`

  1. I just returned from doing morning chores. My gloves stuck to the outside door knob because the actual temperature is a minus 4, and every waterer was frozen solid and will have to do it again at midday. I fed the goats some sweet banana peels and fixed warm oatmeal for the chickens. We have over a foot of snow on the ground and more coming tomorrow. I’d go out and make a snowman but it is too cold and the snow is frozen solid. LOL


  2. well it is true that snow melts slower that way but what a strange idea! I wonder which council buffer spent hard paid council tax to think that one up


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