Birdbrain! Who are you calling birdbrain? …

Birdbrain is a term of derision – used scathingly or jokingly of someone who makes a silly mistake or forgets something.  Today I`ve had to think seriously about that term and its application.

We still have deep snow in our garden in England and this morning it was accompanied by freezing fog. Not a good time for garden birds. I have a free-standing bird feeder – most of the hanging tit-bits are frozen so I have been concentrating on filling up the circular feeder pan – which is used by wood pigeons (my they have some appetite, I understand why farmers hate them), collared doves (see yesterday`s post Weather) and starlings (the Mafia I call them – you can just see them in their slick suits with shotguns concealed in violin cases under their wings!). In the tree near the sitting room window I am keeping an eye on the hanging seed-feeder which is used by sparrows, coal- and blue-tits, robins and the jennywren. I throw a little seed onto the patio under the garden table – which is clear of snow – for the ground feeders hoping the mice are not about or hungry.

This morning I was sitting in my chair drinking my morning tea being quizzed by the blackbird on the fence just outside the window. He was there for ages, just looking at me. I knew there was plenty of food for him so just enjoyed staring back at him without the risk of being thought rude. A little later he had moved onto the plastic composter bin which is just by the window. A few days ago when the snow started, I cleared off the top of the bin and put some seed on that – it was rather slippery but some of the birds managed to get the odd beakful. Going back to the blackbird – he had flown on top of the composter lid and then proceeded to clear the later snow that had fallen using his beak in a sweeping movement – back and forth – until he found the seed that was hidden underneath. I was amazed to think he had remembered it was there and had the sense to dig for it. After he had taken his fill I went outside and put fresh handfuls of seed on the lid, with suet pellets – waiting for him to return for his lunch. I didn`t clear too much snow so the lid won`t be too slippy for him. A bird with brains indeed!!!


8 thoughts on “Birdbrain! Who are you calling birdbrain? …

  1. a lovely tale…and it’s good to know that you are taking care of our feathered friends..often they get forgotten in the depths of winter


    1. Thank you so much for pointing out the duplication. This was caused by the whole post going into the ether when I accidentally pressed the wrong key whilst typing – I then found the draft and went on from there but hadn`t appreciated what had already been saved. Well spotted. Thanks again for the offer to delete your kindly correction but I will leave it there – it will teach me to be more careful. Fingers working faster than brain.


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