Word a Week Photography Challenge – Weather

Collared Doves

These collared doves are a frequent visitor to our garden – with care they can both fit onto the round bird table tray on the feeder – I am sometimes tempted to creep up on them and put a pastry topping on it!!!!! Pigeon pie – yummy.


4 thoughts on “Word a Week Photography Challenge – Weather

    1. Well I could pretend I was creeping up on `em through the snow but – like G.Washington – I cannot tell a lie. The photograph was taken from my armchair in the sitting room, through the glass using my zoom lens – so no pain caused in the making of this photograph.


      1. Hey, however you have to get the shot — we all do it! Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have such a picture perched right outside the window when we have our camera handy, lol!


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