Daily Prompt: Free Association – Home – soil – rain

Daily Prompt: Free Association.

We have to write the first words that come into our minds in association with the following words so here`s my contribution:

Home – where I hang my hat

Soil – crops

Rain – the sound it makes from inside and the lovely fresh smell outside

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Free Association – Home – soil – rain

  1. We think a lot alike, except maybe for “soil” I was thinking “flowers,” but I’m odd — at any rate, home sure seems to be where your heart is! Every post you publish gives a little more glimpse into your wonderful character, and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you!


    1. Hi Becky – soil/crops. We live in an agricultural area called The Fens near the East Coast in England. The land around was once under the North Sea until it was drained so the soil is very rich and idea for growing vegetables. When I go out I see acres of rich black soil – ploughed, sown, with crops growing and then harvested. Thanks for being my friend and being interested in what makes me tick!.


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