Daily Prompt: In a Crisis

Daily Prompt: In a Crisis.

So how do I react in a crisis – coolly, calmly and collectedly.

When my two boys had accidents (and they had some pretty bad ones because they were very adventurous – witness once I had to pull the metal brake lever out of my young son`s inner thigh when he had fallen off his bike) – I coped first and quaked afterwards.

When we were burgled and found this after attending a dinner party – I was in my evening dress, stepping over the wreckage and offering to make the police officers cups of tea. They were amazed and said people in my situation were usually frantic and crying.

When a mast from the yacht collapsed when I was on the fore deck and all the stays whistled around my ears – I dashed forward trying vainly to save it from falling in the water.

When the specialist told me I had cancer – he was very hesitant and didn`t quite know how to say it – I was very calm as, indeed I was throughout my surgery and subsequent chemotherapy – I knew I was in God`s hands and had the care of my wonderful husband.

Yes I think I cope well in a crisis …

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In a Crisis

  1. Remind me to have you around when the going gets tough! Having a cool head on your shoulders in times of chaos can make or break the situation. I’m the same way–no use panicking when things need doing or saving or when you can do nothing to change the situation.


  2. You sure HAVE had your share of tests! Sounds like you’ve passed with flying colors, and I’m so happy to know that you came through the cancer test as well as you did — that would have to be one of the most daunting things to go through, and it sounds like you did it with grace and a positive attitude!


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