Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Daily Prompt: Clean Slate.

We are asked to enter into the room where we are at present as if we had never been there before, describe what we see and make an assessment of the person who lives there

Hey tough stuff this!

I enter into a small rather crowded sitting room with the emphasis on comfort rather than style. Multi-purpose obviously evidenced by the gateleg folding dining table in the window and two dining chairs. Pretty lace cloth on the table and fresh flowers.

A small two-seater couch and two very comfy armchairs – on closer inspection they are recliners – very sensible.

A small tv sits on a cabinet in the corner and above are three corner shelves with part of a collection of Doulton Harvestware stone jugs and pots.

On the gas fire are more flowers in a vase, a pair of hand-carved simple candlesticks, a standing plaque bearing the words `May this home be a haven of God`s love & peace` and – hey what`s this? – a lay figure or artists mannequin. Hmm clue here as to owner. Above the fireplace is a large framed reproduction of Da Vinci`s The Last Supper.

Moving on, a small table stands beside one armchair bearing a table lamp, a banana skin (!), a Lumix camera and two editions of The Intercessions Handbook.

Another cabinet holds a rather outdated record player, cum tape and CD player and radio. Above on the wall is a small clock with a pendulum ticking away. A carved cockerel perches on top of the clock peering curiously into the room from above.

By the door is a wall unit holding books, fruit bowl, CDs, family photographs, various drinking glasses and part of a rather nice dinner service. Looking at that I see it is Royal Worcester from the 1950s and, interestingly enough, the decoration uses the same colours shown on an antique Royal Worcester plate dating from the early 19th century which is beside the later pieces.

Another smaller glass fronted cabinet in the corner houses all kinds of bits and pieces – most of which look as though they would benefit from a visit to a charity shop!!!!

Now turning my eye to the walls – 6 original paintings – four by one artist and two by another. I believe they are painted by the owners. In the corner of the room another large canvas sits on an easel depicting a partly-finished Tudor manor house.

Two laptops (his and hers I presume) ah and on the cornice above the long curtains to the patio door I see a COBWEB!

So who lives here? I would assume an elderly couple who are very happy in their own skin and home.


14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

  1. 10/10 that was fantastic reading…I thought that you were describing the room in which you were sitting…so much detail. Then I decided thta you would not mention the cobweb if it was yours…although having said that I have plenty of cobwebs…blooming spiders living rent free!
    loved it and thank you Goosey for the feather!


    1. Oh no – warts `n all me! That was written looking around where I was sitting and as for that cobweb I`ve been meaning to get it down for ages – oh well, tomorrow is another day (sigh). Glad you enjoyed the peek into our living room. Goosey is asleep by my feet at the moment but I will give him your thanks when he wakes.


    1. Hello – thank you for visiting my post – if you would like to see more of my paintings please visit my website – http://www.annesmart.weebly.conm. My husband George does not have a website – he`s my pupil! The manor house is a commission – the place where we housesat for 5 weeks back in the summer – I`ll probably post the painting when it is finished.


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