Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life

Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life.

Mmmm – if I was asked to read a book about all that has happened in my life – would I? Bearing in mind that I would have to read it to the end …

The answer to that question is undoubtedly an enthusiastic `Yes`. I think I would prefer to read it on my Kindle because in traditional book form it would take up many volumes and be very heavy to hold. This is not only because I have done many things but also because I am now in my 77th year so, just in view of that, a lot has happened!

Why am I so enthusiastic about this project? – well – in common with many of my advanced years, I do tend to reminisce – as Wordsworth wrote in `Daffodils` – `For oft when on my couch I lie – in vacant or in pensive mood – they flash upon that inward eye – which is the bliss of solitude`.
Not that I spend too much time on my couch or too much time on my own – Goosey and George and my rather hectic lifestyle see to that. But I know there are so many little things that I have forgotten and what a joy it would be to rediscover them. I would chortle with glee or sit silently blushing (always supposing I have not lost the ability to blush) at my rediscovered happenings.

One of my sorrows is that I did not speak enough either to my parents or grandparents about their lives – why don`t we do this? When we are younger I suppose there is nothing more boring than having to sit and listen to the old `un rambling down Memory Lane, whilst we stifle our yawns and surreptitiously glance at our wristwatches to find a time when we can politely make our excuses to slip away and get back into our exciting present.

Some years ago now I received a beautifully written letter from Michael (my eldest grandson who was then about 9) – it was part of his school project and he had written to ask me to reply in writing telling him what I did in World War II. It was such a pleasure to share with him being a small girl sheltering during an air raid with her father in the cupboard under the stairs whilst her mother was out with the Civil Defence rescuing victims of the bombing raid. And sending him a poem from a book I have kept written by Enid Blyton called `Salute the Children` making a tribute to the contribution made by children during WWII by having to go without sweets, bananas, oranges, new clothes, food treats, ice cream etc. His teacher was delighted and I think my letter came top of the class! To the best of my recollection that is the only time any of my four grandchildren have questioned me about my life and I do try and refrain from inflicting my memories upon them. I suppose the day will dawn when my sons and their children may perhaps wonder and I sometimes think I should write an autobiography just for family use when I have popped my clogs! On the other hand were such a book as suggested by this Prompt were to exist it would save me the trouble of writing it! 🙂



23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life

  1. Oh, to get to relive through reading our favorite experiences, yes that would draw me to the story. But, I wouldn’t end up reading it because I don’t want to know how it ends.


    1. Now how about what they do with some film scripts – have more than one ending? Or would that mean that one dies more than once? Hmmmm. No – I think it would mean that one could select the way one goes … 😉 That`s better!


      1. Have you seen the movie “Clue?” When it was released to theatres it had 3 different endings, and depending on which cinema you went to watch it at you got a different version of the story. That was awesome!


  2. I thought you were a young chick…and now I discover that you are 4 years older than me…I wonder how many oldies there are on WordPress.
    I have been asked to write about my life, some of it would be x rated, and I think that this is mostly what my blog has been about since I started two years ago.
    But I do know that it would make interesting reading and I would definitely blush


  3. I started writing a “book” of my childhood memories almost 20 years ago. I thought it would need retyping as I had it on floppy disk saved by an obsolete computer. Last week when our pc was playing up, I converted it so it is now accessible again. It took most of a morning, but I am so relieved I don’t have to do all that typing! Like you, I don’t want to bore my children and grandchildren, (when they are old enough to listen), but if it is written down, they can please themselves. Now it is “live” again, I may add to it.
    You should definitely consider wiriting your life story book. You are off to a good start with some of your posts here. Sue


    1. Thank you Sue – glad you were able to rescue your writings – darned technology keeps overtaking itself doesn`t it? I`ve often thought about writing my story and to be honest have started a couple of times but then … maybe I will do it again – as you say I have a start already. Thanks for your encouragement.


  4. My father died last year after and 18 month battle with cancer. I spent a lot of those 18 months with him and during his stronger times would question him about his life. Once he said to me “You sure don’t know much about me, do you?” After that I was embarrassed to ask too many more questions.

    And now he’s gone. My mother has been gone since ’94. All of my grandparents are gone. My older cousins (born of my father’s oldest sister) are well versed on our family history and through facebook we share stories, pictures, and info. But i wish I had more.

    You are a writer. Write.


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