Onesies …

ladies onesie

male onesies

onesie m & f

Grandparentsplus2 – one of my online friends – is a very accomplished seamstress. She is making some pyjamas for her grandchildren and I told her about the craze in the UK for Onesies. I explained what they were and she tells me she has never heard of them. So I thought I would post some photos.

I understand that the sale of Onesies has really hit the jackpot – they were the Number One `Must Have` this Christmas. I first came across them over a year ago when grandson and his fiancée were `chilling out` – him in a Leopardskin print – complete with ears and tail and she with a white rabbit one – again with ears and fluffy tail. Cute!

His mother and sister now have their own so this Christmas Day, in the evening, down they came dressed in their Onesies to relax.

George and I are not going to subscribe …


11 thoughts on “Onesies …

  1. Oh, this is too funny. And, why not? We can all use a little more humor in our life, and the fact that you get to keep warm at the same time is a bonus. Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Hello – thank you for visiting my blog. I got the impression that, for once, the UK had latched onto something before the US. I wonder (with trepidation) whether the time will come when people turn up at the schools with their children dressed in their Onesies rather than their pyjamas!


  2. just popped in to see what you and Goosey are all about and was not disappointed…. A Onesie..I think one would need to be quite slim to ‘getaway’ with wearing such a garment…and young. It would not suit a 13st Grandmother of 74…but it would be good for a laugh!


  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m all about comfort. And I’ve no problem with people finding things that are comfortable and serve the purpose of keeping them warm (while still being functional) on cold nights (or days). But, really? Isn’t dressing up like that just for Halloween good enough? When did we start needing to wear our Superhero pajamas year round?


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