Just in case you are sick of cake …

Si`s cake

This is grandson`s wedding cake made just over a year ago. The bride was quite specific – she wanted `parcels` and the colour was to reflect the colour of Simon`s paratrooper beret (he is in the army)

Heathers cake

And this is a Silver Wedding Anniversary cake I made for a friend a couple of years ago.

For many years now I have been making celebration cakes – Christening, wedding, engagement and special birthdays – mainly for the family. It amuses me now to see shops dedicated to cake decorating – in my early days I can remember travelling to London and going into the haberdashery department of a large store to buy some millinery wire for the sugar flowers – it wasn`t very suitable as it was too thick.

It started when I was living in Oxford and I bought a book on Sugar Paste by an Australian. I was fascinated by the technique as royal icing always defeated me. I had to buy all the ingredients and mix the sugar paste by hand and then make a similar mixture with a few additives to stiffen it up to model the flowers.

I think my first `commission` was for a Professor in Oxford who was retiring – he was an expert on Roman architecture. I made a sort of Forum with pillars and mouldings and a lovely pediment onto which I piped cavorting figures – my friend looked it over when I`d finished and protested that the figures were naked – `Of course!` I replied – `they were in those days.` I delivered the cake with strict instructions to watch out for the ornamental vases on each corner of the roof as they were wired on (yes, the millinery wire) and I didn`t want anyone choking at the party.

Another grandson is getting married in June this year and I did offer to make their cake – after quite a long delay, his fiancée wrote me a lovely letter back thanking me but saying a friend of hers had already offered to make the cake for her – she hoped I wasn`t offended. Offended? Whew! I was so relieved. I think perhaps my days of making elaborate wedding cakes have ended.


13 thoughts on “Just in case you are sick of cake …

  1. I’m not a cake baker myself but have some friends and relatives that are. Tell me, what do you think of this fondant stuff? I mean it seems like you can do anything with it and it’s a lot safer than millinery wire but do you think the flavor and texture is as pleasing as frosting?


    1. I personally prefer it to frosting. As it can now be bought ready made perhaps it would be best to buy a small quantity, try it and if you like it, buy more! I do know it varies from maker to maker. Of course you can always make your own! Thank you for visiting my post and for your interest.


  2. My daughter and I took cake decorating classes several years back. Oh, I did love it and made so many special cakes that I was proud of but that certainly provided a certain amount of stress. These days my daughter makes the special cakes for the grandkids, and she does a great job. I can still make a mean decorated cupcake or a special gingerbread house.


    1. Oh Becky – I can`t sing!!! 😦 I have a voice like a corncrake. My kids used to promise to go to sleep if I promised not to sing to them and the cats used to put their paws in their ears!


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