Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

An early me

Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight.

Oh this is easy! During the last day of 2012 George and I joked about what we were going to do at midnight. We both agreed that we would go to Trafalgar Square in London to join in the celebrations there. I told him that, in my youth, I had done just that and had paddled in the fountains (frowned upon by the police and powers-that-be). I also recall dancing The Gay Gordons down the middle of the Strand, barefooted in the snow. Crazy? No, just young and full of fun.

So with those memories shared and thoughts of our youth, George and I cuddled a little closer, kissed at midnight, wished each other a Happy New Year, then he got on with his crossword and I continued to read my Kindle.

Would I want to be anywhere else. NO!


17 thoughts on “Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

  1. Ahh, what a great memory to share with the one you love! Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the visits to my blog “Blessings through raindrops”. It is a real honor to me. Hope you have a great year!


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