The Artist`s Chair and Sunflowers at Van Gogh`s …

my van gogh

George and I went to his daughter Kim`s for Christmas Day and stayed overnight. Whilst eating our lovely Christmas lunch – turkey and all the trimmings (of course) I was pleased to see the picture shown above hanging in their dining room.

I took up painting seriously when I retired and, as my background had been in oil painting from a girl, I started again with oil paints. This was the first one I produced after an absence of oh I don`t know how many years. I had bought some sunflowers (love them and wanted to paint them and then realised I was going away for the weekend and it was likely they would be past their best on my return. Nothing daunted, I put the sunflowers on my dining room chair and took a photograph.

It was before digital cameras – when I picked up the photographs from the chemist I looked at the print and it struck a chord – I dived into my art books and found the picture I wanted – `The Artist`s Chair and Pipe` so I copied Van Gogh`s background – and here is the finished product! I sort of hung onto it and only exhibited it a couple of times and was pleased it didn`t sell.

When Kim and Barry visited us one day they were saying they were re-decorating and wanted a picture with sunflowers in it – I did no more than send Barry up into our loft to dig out the picture and there it now is – on their dining-room wall. It has a good home.

9 thoughts on “The Artist`s Chair and Sunflowers at Van Gogh`s …

  1. It must be such a rewarding feeling to see your work enjoyed by other people–so glad, too, that this one found a home in a place where you can visit it from time-to-time, lol! Sounds like you had a great Christmas with great food and great company–hope your New Year’s Day is fantastic as well–Happy New Year, Anne!!


    1. Thank you Judy – I must admit that it is good to be able to .see a favourite painting – mostly they are sold and I never see them again. I am very wary of giving them to family just in case they feel obliged to hang it `cos it was from Mum but if they express a particular liking then it can be theirs!


  2. Lovely picture – I’m sure that it made you feel very special to see it hanging on their wall. You have a very special talent and gift! Looking forward to seeing more in the new year!


  3. Thank you Becky – glad you liked it. Progress is a little slow at the moment but I`ve had a good break over Christmas and the New Year – not touched a single brush – back to work soon.


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