Well I looked at this title yesterday evening (Boxing Day which is a holiday in UK) and, being full of all the Christmas goodies, my well-fed brain did not respond immediately. Today is `back to work` day for some unfortunates (including George who does voluntary driving for the Hospital Car Service). Me? Well I had lots of plans but they were cut short by plunging my hands into a bowl of washing up water and encountering the upturned razor sharp blade of one of George`s chef`s knives! Blood everywhere! Tissues, plasters, hand held up in the air to staunch the bleeding – oh I was a brave lil` soldier! Anyway the bleeding stopped and I resumed the washing up chuckling to myself about the one-armed washer-up in the comedy programme some years ago called `Robin`s Nest` – tales of a café – very funny.

I have now realised the extent of my injuries – being a touch typist I can now only do it with one hand – the right hand has to pick and peck and make lots of errors – grrrr. The great `dolly` on the index finger of my right hand is very unpredictable when its attempts to hit the keys.

Now to the subject of this Blog – Just Do It!

I have had several careers in my life and I decided to take up law when I was in my early 40s – at that time working full time as a clerk in a lawyers office. I was on a day release course at a college some 45 miles away. I studied in the evenings after a day`s work and got a shock when I realised how much more difficult it is to retain facts when one is older – at school I was one of the bright sparks and still had time to play the fool when I felt like it. Came time for the first set of two exams and I realised something else that changed since my schooldays – I had developed exam nerves – looked at the papers and thought I couldn`t answer a single question. I finished two days` exams and awaited the results – I failed them both ! My firm were very understanding and I ploughed on studying again – come time for the exam and I once again travelled by car to the college – 45 odd miles. Sat down at my desk, conquered the nerves and began to write. Then a thought entered my head and my inner voice spoke to me loudly and clearly `Why are you doing this at your age?` No further prompting needed – I signalled the Invigilator that I wished to leave and walked out of the room. Getting into my car I realised that I needed to top up the fuel, pulled into a service station and whilst there bought myself a flowering plant. I felt wonderful!!!

The eurohoria wore off on the drive home and I began to feel ill. I was actually developing `flu and I had to spend several days in bed. Again, when I returned to work, they were very understanding – I was one of their top fee-earners by this time.
I began to study again – this time by correspondence course. Came exam=time again – at the college I used to attend.
On the morning of the first exam I went to start my car – battery flat! No time to call out the emergency car service so I rang a male friend wno lived near and asked if he could run me to the college – he apologised and said he had another appointment and couldn`t do it – he suggested I take the train and I told him I had checked the timetable and the train wouldn`t get me there on time. I was getting desperate and told him that I just wouldn`t bother to go – he, who knew my past history with the exams, replied `Just do it!`.

I ran to the station, caught the train, got a taxi from the station to the college, ran through the corridors and up the stairs to the well-remembered examination room. The door was locked. I hammered on the door, peering through the small glass pane in the door and mouthing at the Invigilator `Please let me in`. I explained my predicament and she showed me to a desk and handed me the papers. No time to panic – I dived straight in and, too my consternation, finished before everyone else (a bad sign usually), I signalled that I had finished, handed in my papers and left. I passed!

Eternal gratitude to my friend Ric who told me `Just Do It!`



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