Daily Post : High Noon

The task for today (Christmas Day – is there no rest?) is to make a note of what we were doing at noon today and write about it afterwards – so ….

Well today George and I are travelling about ten miles to see George`s daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter – we are in fact invited there for Christmas lunch and to stay the night. As you may know, George and I are housesitters and this Christmas we are on `standby` in case of an emergency – we will be given an hour`s notice to grab our turkey and rush to wherever we are needed – so far the phone has been quiet – here`s hoping!

Last night George and I attended Midnight Mass at our church. It looked lovely – some of the building dates back to the 14th century and was formerly a priory. Built of stone and lit last night by candles. The church was packed as it always is for this service – can`t help wishing some of them would attend during the year but there you go … As we were driving back home I said to George `I feel like a drink` – `Good idea` said George `shall we have tea?` and actually, after giving it some thought that is really what I fancied. So late to bed. Poor George got up in the night because his foot was painful and tells me he didn`t come back until 5 am. I got up about 8 am and let him sleep. His best friend telephoned and I said that he was still in bed and, when he expressed surprise, I replied that George wasn`t too keen on Christmas since he discovered that Santa didn`t exist.

So pootled around at home and began to get ready. I am now coming to the point of this blog – proscrastination was ever the thief of time! I showered and then about noon dried my hair – usually cut short and trimmed regularly. Now I have to say that, during my long life, my hair has always been the one part of my body that has never, ever given me trouble. It has been the envy of my girlfriends. Wash and go is usually the case. But, unfortunately it has changed its character. I think it dates back to the time I had chemotherapy for cancer about two years ago – I didn`t lose my hair but it changed texture and became fine – still lots of it but much softer and finer. And more difficult to handle. Cut short it can look like a helmet if I am not careful – I think in the UK that hairstyle if called `a mullet`. Something had to be done so a few weeks ago I invested in electric curling tongs. I can remember my mother using tongs years ago, heated on the gas stove and tested on a piece of paper – and the accompanying smell of singeing hair – yuk! I tried the electric tong feature of the irons but didn`t like the result too much so used the curling brush. Brilliant!

So dear people, who have nothing better to do today – you may be interested to learn that at noon today I was curling my hair!

Happy Christmas – now off to get our Christmas lunch – George is hungry and so is Goosey …


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