Time to celebrate … come raise your glasses …


Wow!  Goosey and I have been nominated by cambiosdehumor for The Versatile Blogger Award – I am a bit speechless but have to carry on because Goosey will take over if I let him and his spelling leaves much to be desired this time of the evening.  Anyway I am very grateful for the honour and wish to thank her.  Like all good things there are rules to be observed for accepting this award.  These are as follows:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you`ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself

So I will bite the bullet and try and drum up seven interesting things about me :-

  1. I love cooking but George is a chef – for a rare treat I am cooking duck a la orange tomorrow (shhhhhh don`t tell Goosey!)
  2. I really, really hate ironing – never seem to have time for it but love freshly ironed clothes and linen
  3. I love driving and would have liked to have been a London taxi driver
  4. I did once get to drive a JCB but I wasn`t allowed to dig a hole
  5. I once did aerobatics (including loop the loop) in a Tiger Moth aeroplane – two seater open cockpit (I was a passenger not the pilot)
  6. I`ve been gliding and found it noisier than I had imagined
  7. I wish I still fitted into my size 14 black velvet catsuit!

Now to my nominations:-

  1. This has to be Shail`sNest – Shail was a blogging friend back in the days of 360 and she has been a great support to me as a newbie here. Thanks Shail.
  2. Tworightsattemptingtomakealeft – this blog is remarkable in that it can make me laugh and cry at the same time.
  3. ellythewellysblog – dear Elly with her covetable llama hat and quirky sense of fun.  She always make me smile.
  4. ThisBlogNeedsATitle – punchy poetry which always pleases.
  5. GrimmsFurryTail – Grimm with his lovely noble brow (his owner said he had a `fat face` and I protested about that.)  Well written doggy-bloggy.
  6. BelleGrovePlantation – what a nose for news- historically speaking – at the same time taking on an enormous project so cheerfully.
  7. Skinnywench – an Aussie with a camera she knows how to use to best effect.
  8. Becky6259 – a warm, supportive homemaker.
  9. ChroniclesofanAngloSwiss – She and I go back a long way in blogging terms – she has a quirky sense of humour which she keeps hidden sometime.
  10. rarsaur – always something of interest here – lively, witty and entertaining.
  11. Pregoandtheloon – makes me think and remember.
  12. Grandparentsplus2 – good everyday life.
  13. Judy – has been very supportive and encouraging – I always enjoy her blog.
  14. MaryGilmartin – wonderful photography here.
  15. Cancerkillingrecipe – hope, cheer and courage in this blog

If I have not left links to the above fifteen – I do apologise – I will try and correct this when I find out how to do it!


8 thoughts on “Time to celebrate … come raise your glasses …

  1. Congratulations on the award, it is much deserved! Thanks so much for the nomination. And you, my friend, are a much more daring individual than myself. Loop the loops in an airplane AND gliding? No thank you. I get scared just standing on the kitchen counters.

    Oh, and Grimm says to thank you, too, and for standing up for him and his “noble brow”. Although, when he found out that some one thought he was noble, he did get a big head for a little while. 😉


  2. Wow, thank you! I enjoy reading your blog, also. You remind me a lot of me.If we lived closer, on the same continent, I believe we would be great friends! Of course, we are blogging friends already…again, thank you!


  3. To add the links, you have to go to the page you want to link to (in a separate tab), copy the URL from your browser, go back to your edit post page, highlight the name of the sie and click on the add link icon, delete the http bit and paste the URL and click on add link. I don’t think I’ve missed anything out – I’ve done quite a lot of it and no-one seems to click on them anyway:-( But I did miss yours here. Sue


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