Daily Post : Unpopular


In today`s challenge we are invited to tell you about the time we had to make a choice between two alternatives – and the one we chose was unpopular.

For some years now George and I have supported the English charity – Samaritan`s Purse http://www.samaritantspurse/org/ and, through our church, we send shoeboxes each Christmas filled with toys and gifts to be distributed to needy children all over the world – children who would not otherwise receive a Christmas present.  Three summers ago we ran a Walk for Water over about 10 miles – which is the distance that (usually) women and children in Africa have to walk each day to fetch water.  It was a hot day – I was on the registration table taking the money from the entrants (most of whom had obtained sponsorship) and George was at the half-way mark with shady umbrellas and chilled drinks.  The circular walk finished at the pub and I was promptly reminded by our vicar that I had promised to buy him a pint!  We raised quite a lot of money which was sent off to the charity to be put towards providing clean drinking water and wells.

George and I have nearly ten grandchildren between us (George`s share is shortly to rise to six in the New Year).  When we married we decided that we would each look after our side of the family when it came to birthdays and Christmasses etc.  That has worked well though poor George`s side are still producing so from being an even arrangement it is now a little lop-sided.  Mind you I get to squidge the babies so perhaps I should contribute a little eh?

My four grandchildren are growing up – the youngest will be 18 next month and off to university.  The eldest (23) is getting married in June next year and has just bought his first house with his fiancée.  He is a chef at quite a high level.  His brother also has a well-paid job.  Another is at university so is presumably always a bit hard-up and, as I said, the youngest is off to university soon but has a weekend job in a small restaurant as a waitress.  Very difficult to buy presents as I don`t see them regularly and anyway they really have all they need.

Last Christmas the Samaritan`s Purse catalogue plopped through the letterbox – filled with gifts that could be bought to be sent to needy people over the world.  In fact when George and I got married seven years ago, although we said we didn`t want or need wedding presents as we were combining two homes – some of our favourite presents were chickens, water wells and blankets (all to be sent to the needy by the charity).  Looking through the latest catalogue I had a flash of inspiration – a Eureka Moment in fact – I would give each of my four grandchildren a GOAT!

I was so pleased – Samaritan`s Purse were going to send each grandchild a card announcing their gift – I even got to choose the card for each one.  So much nicer than the cheques I usually sent.

Do you know I never heard a word from any of them?  Not from their parents either.  Total silence in fact.  It must have been a very unpopular choice – this year I am sending the usual cheques!


3 thoughts on “Daily Post : Unpopular

  1. They probably cooked your goats and didn’t want to tell you! Go ahead and help George out with the Christmas presents. With your grandchildren almost grown, you’ll get to play with all the cool new toys. I have to with everything before I give it to the kiddos. I only have to buy 2 presents, the other 2 want money……..Jill


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