Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up.

So it`s nearly goodbye to 2012 and we are being asked to Wrap It Up or to put into words and/or pictures  what this year has meant to us.

One thing about getting old is how very quickly time passes – twelve months goes by in a flash.  I used to liken life to an old-fashioned LP record – it went round on the turntable quite slowly at the outside and then gradually picked up speed til it reached the end and disappeared down the middle – well the player head didn`t exactly `disappear down the middle` but we certainly do!  I`ve held this simile to me for years until I put it to an even older friend of mine (who happened to be a psychologist).  He explained that when we are two years old, six months represents 1/4 of your entire life – a huge proportion.  But that proportion decreases with age – and thus, at 76, twelve months is a mere fleabite.

Whew!  Pause for breath.  Now here is something that has revolutionised my life in 2012 and will continue to do so.


Last year my two sons sent me a handsome cheque for my 75th birthday – I was tempted to use it to pay my speeding fine (the first one ever – well the first time I have been caught if I am totally honest!) but thought they wouldn`t approve of that so, instead, I spent it on a folding walker – not quite the same as the one shown above.  I have osteo-arthritis – mostly self-inflicted and caused by old sailing and horse-riding injuries – but for some years I have had difficulty in walking any distance or standing for any length of time.  Then along came the walker – oh boy!  It goes in the boot of my car, comes with me on the bus or train, goes into shops and has opened up a whole new vista for me.

Sooooooooo – 2012 has meant that I have been able to go shopping in the towns where we are housesitting – stroll around the shops as of yore – settle into a café for a coffee or light lunch and then off I go again.  I have been to London twice to art exhibitions – something I haven`t been able to do for years.  I have walked George off his feet in Valetta (Malta) when we were there on holiday in May.  Up hill and down dale we went, down to the ferry and off to Sliema.

I cleaned a pair of my shoes this morning and was amused to see the heels wearing down a little – that hasn`t happened for years either!

You see, I was a walker.  When I lived in Cornwall I used to walk on Dartmoor at weekends regularly with Jamie-dog.  17 miles was no problem- and 17 miles over Dartmoor`s rough territory is going some.  I also used to walk the Coastal Path – up an down the whole way – with stunning views of cliffs and sea as I went.  When I retired I spent my first month`s Old Age Pension on a new pair of walking boots and then the arthritis kicked in with a vengeance.  Minor surgery on my right knee helped a bit but my walking days were over.  I must admit that I would often dream that I was on the moor again and wake up with tears in my eyes.

But of course, life always compensates doesn`t it?  So it was then that I took up painting seriously – if I couldn`t walk far I could sit for ages – preferably before an easel with a brush in my hand.  You can, if you wish, visit my website www.annesmart.weebly.com and see some of my work there.

So now I am painting and walking and life is going even faster than before …


14 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

    1. Thank you Sue. I am pleased you like my work. By the way I have just re-read my post – which was written in rather a hurry – and corrected the dates – in my haste I had already rushed into 2013 😦


  1. Life is good even though it travels fast. I enjoyed looking at your artwork, especially the Bantam cockerels. They remind me of some of my mother’s stories about the farm. And, they do like to pose. Your portraits are good, too.


    1. Thank you Mary – first of all for reading my post (which I have now corrected so far as dates and fractions!) and for visiting my website and leaving such a nice comment. Bantams are my real fave! When I can`t paint anything else they are there waiting to be recorded for posterity :-).


      1. You’re welcome. I admire your perseverance. And, when you mentioned Malta it reminded me of something too… (My boyfriend painted the view of the fishing place at Wied Iz-Zurrieq, Malta from a postcard when he took a painting class in Madrid from an instructor as a young boy of twelve. His original painting is exact to that location.)


      2. That is interesting Mary – he must be talented and how great that he still has the painting he did at twelve years old. George and I love Malta – it has temples there which are older than Stonehenge or the pyramids and the people are lovely.


    1. Thank you for visiting my website – I am glad you like my paintings. I must admit that, due to said swift passage of time, I do struggle to spend as much time at my easel as I would like. Perhaps if I gave up my computer ….?????


  2. Becky – thank you for visiting my website. My love of colour dominates all my work – sometimes I wish I could do the light, delicate watercolours but … they are not me! Happy Christmas to you and yours.


  3. Mrs.Goosey, that picture looks a lot like my rollator. We’ll have to race sometime. But I had to go with purple for the wheelchair. Still have the old standby walker I use when I need it around the house. When I’m feeling good, I show off my nice, carved oak cane Barry got me for my birthday last year. Great post. I need to do a yearly wrap up when I feel better. I’ll get it done this week. Have a beautiful day tomorrow.


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