Daily Prompt: Flawed

Daily Prompt: Flawed.

Today we are asked to spill the beans and `fess up to our worst quality … hmm to an eternal optimist and uncritical (of myself)  soul like me this is going to be tough.

[pause for thought]  and on making a slight correction to the sentence above I hit upon it – like a lightning flash from the sky – Eureka!  I am a Virgo and although I don`t slavishly follow horoscopes or really believe in them I have to say that I betray nearly all of the Virgoan characteristics.  Well, apart from the most obvious, having been married er, three times and borne two children.  But, joking apart I am fussy, critical of others, obsessive about things, nit-picking and most positively certain I am always right.

Yuk!  Goosey has just read that and is looking at me pityingly – clear off Goosey – your turn will come – no-one`s perfect.  Flippin` Goose.

Poor George suffers, mostly in silence, but occasionally will protest when I am too impossible and will gently put me in my place.  I do really try to curb my worst tendencies.  After all, as our vicar used to say `We are a work in progress`, so perhaps there is hope for me yet!



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