Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

Daily Prompt: Circle of Five.

In today`s Daily Prompt we are asked to name the five people we would most like to spend time with.

lucian freud

Number One – came to me right away.  The late, great artist Lucian Freud – I would even model for him as he liked his women Ruebenesque but I think George would have something to say if he made a pass at me!

morrison shelter

Numbers Two and Three  –  my maternal grandparents.  They both lived through both World Wars and whereas I remember, as a child, staying with them in `Doodlebug Alley` (Croydon, South London) and wondering at the tape on the windows (to prevent glass shattering in an explosion) and loving the Morrison shelter under the table in the front room.  Such a cosy construction – a bit like a large dog cage – complete with blankets, pillows and other comforts wherein to shelter during an air raid.  I loved them both but I know so little about their lives.  I would have so many questions.

Number Four – my late friend Judy.  Such a madcap.  I used to see her waiting at the same bus-stop as me after work in Oxford and we got talking one day.  I asked where she was going for her summer holidays.  `Up the Amazon in a canoe` – she replied!  And she meant it.  In her lovely, modern bungalow she kept Fred in the front room.  He was a genuine shrunken head from one of her travels.  He sat on the bookcase but, in the summertime the sun shone through the French windows onto him – I think he hadn`t been cured properly because he gave off quite an odour in the heat.  Judy used to peg him out on the line to air – attaching him by his long hair.  Once she was having some plumbing work done and the plumber was causing delays.  She did no more than grab Fred by his hair and waltz into the bathroom – holding Fred to the plumber`s face and said `Look – this is the last plumber that messed me about!`.  I think he finished the work promptly.  She was unconventional and enormous fun.  She was a headmistress of a school for children with special needs and devoted her life to them.

Number Five – has to be my husband George.  I never tire of his company and he always makes me laugh.  He is so tolerant of my mistakes – for example today I decided to put some caustic soda down the two sinks in the kitchen.  One wouldn`t clear.  I tried various other remedies and George got involved too.  We tried the plunger, baling etc.  In the end George resorted to undoing the waste trap and found a solid block of caustic soda in the pipe.  I had not dissolved it before putting it down the drain!  It took him ages to get the wodge of caustic soda out but not a word of complaint – bless him.  He makes me laugh 24/7.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

  1. As an addendum to the last piece of the above post – George wasn`t wearing rubber gloves when he was wrestling with the solidified caustic soda – his hands are very sore and finger tips have cracked. Poor him. xx


  2. What a fantastic tribute to people who have had such a wonderful influence in your life! George sounds like a real sweetie, and it’s always such a blessing to have a tolerant person in your life!


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