Jamie goes to work …

When I got Jamie from the Dogs & Cats Home I had a partner – Jamie was in fact a joint acquisition.  I had a full-time job but Mac had taken early retirement so he was home all day to look after the dog.Unfortunately the relationship broke up and, after a little backing and filling, I ended up with the dog.  Not ideal I know as my job meant that he would have to spend long hours on his own in the house.  I had a cleaner who came in all day on a Friday so she would take Jamie out and look after him.  Another friend would call over and take him out for me.  The rest of the time I think he just went into limbo and slept until my return.

Getting promotion at work meant that I was given an office to myself – ah.  The firm (lawyers) were very tolerant and I knew that, in the past, one of the partners used to bring his dog into work – a nod is as good as a wink to a desperate dog owner – so Jamie used to come to work with me.  Sometimes I would leave him in the car – always parked in the shade and always with windows open and water to drink.  I would pop out during the day to see if he was all right and again at lunchtime to walk him.  Then he crept his way into my office.  Fine, he loved it.  He would curl up under my desk and nap contentedly – the only trouble was – he did love people and sometime had to be restrained from jumping up on a client`s lap!  Fortunately most Brits are animal lovers so it didn`t cause too many problems.

One day he had come to work with me and I was going to the theatre right after work.  I took Jamie in the car down to the Barbican – on Plymouth`s seafront  – and walked him along the beach.  He liked that.  I then put him back into the car.    He hadn`t had any supper so I  bought him a Cornish Pasty (great Cornish treat although we were actually in Devon).  I was crossing the narrow road, dodging the cars and, at the same time, breaking up the pasty in its paper bag to cool it down for the dog.  Unfortunately it broke up rather quickly and a large portion fell onto the road.  I stopped immediately (the traffic was not about fortunately) and scooped up the broken bits from the road and put them back into the bag.  I looked up and saw a family staring at me – woman, man and child.  A look of pure astonishment on their face at my actions.  I said quickly `Oh, this isn`t for me – it`s for my dog`.  I don`t think they believed me!


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