Daily Post – Oasis

For me – there is only one oasis – my bed!

Whilst I was working I had `Executive Illness` – ie I was nearly always ill at the weekends but I do remember one occasion when I felt really poorly and knew I had to get home to bed.  I was cold so went first of all to the chemist and bought an electric blanket.  This was some years ago when electrical items rarely came with a plug fitted.  Now I am normally quite capable of fitting a plug but, on this occasion, I felt feak and weeble and asked the assistant if he could fit a plug for me.  He began to protest that he was not qualified to do such work – Health & Safety beginning to rear its ugly head in its early days – but, looking at my face – which was near to tears – he relented and put the plug on.

I dashed home in the car and found the energy to strip my bed and put the electric blanket on.  It was the kind that could be left on all night – I had selected it carefully.  Bliss.  Me and my influenza were very happy indeed.

Now, retired but married  – I can go to bed just when I feel like it but husband has put a ban on an electric blanket.  So – you can`t have your cake and eat it can you?  Never mind.

I still have commitments that I have to honour – mainly teaching art which, of course, I do keep.  But if the day is dull and dismal and George is out doing his voluntary hospital car service driving – I will pop into bed in the afternoon – sometimes with a cup of tea and always with my electronic book (Kindle).  I don`t read for very long before my eyes are getting heavy and I remind myself why I came to bed in the first place – ah yes – an afternoon nap.  Lovely.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cancer – surgery followed by chemotherapy for six months.  Again, I was blissfully fortunate – if I felt like staying in bed all day I did just that!  I have a very caring husband who does all the cooking anyway – not that I was eating much.  But I am sure that my Oasis (bed) and the rest and peace it gave me was the best cure ever.

The Kindle is obligatory, the radio is optional and I certainly wouldn`t want a television in the bedroom.  I always go to bed before George and am usually still awake when he joins me.  I read and he does the crossword then we put out the light, snuggle up and sleep.  I am always up early in the morning – George has the ability to sleep like a teenager unless he has a run to the hospital or surgery, so I leave him in peace.  Come to think of it our bed must be getting worn out …

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