Weekly Writing Challenge : Another perspective …

having a gander

At last!  Someone has realised how I have been shoved into the background on this Blog – after all, I share the title with Anne.  This is my portrait painted by Anne – I`m the one having a gander in the front.  I think I was cross with Anne at the time because the feathers are all raised on my neck and you can see by the glint in my eye that I am wondering whether to peck her foot!

I`m cuddled up by Anne`s feet as she watches me type this – I am very good at pecking the right keys.  But I know I would be even better if Anne would let me have the use of the computer more often.  Practise makes perfect as the saying goes.

This time of year I have to keep rather a low profile – on another blog site that Anne and  I used another blogger – a nasty cat called Mr. Tiggywinkle used to send me messages about the proximity of Christmas and the goose is getting fat … mutterings about apple sauce and other unnecessary comments.  I treated them all with the contempt that they deserved of course.

Anne and George are lousy company at the moment – they are trying to plan their holiday for next year and are busy on their computers looking for accommodation in Malta.  I suppose I will be left in charge of the house (as usual when they are away).  Mind you close relatives of mine are in regular employment guarding whisky distilleries in Scotland – perhaps I should apply for a job there?

On second thoughts it is winter here in England – snow is forecast and it is nice and warm in the house.  I have regular meals and a cosy bed.  I`m hoping Father Christmas will bring me an i-Pad as I think it will be easier to operate – I can use my foot instead of my beak. I suppose I know where I am well off …




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