The cats get a word in …

Keeping an eye on Anne ...
Keeping an eye on Anne …

Goosey has pointed out to me that I have been unfairly biased in this blog in favour of d-o-g-s (shhhhh! the cats are listening) and the felines we look after from tme to time are becoming ungruntled.

So let me introduce Pad and Phu (Phu as in Phood because she lives to eat and will gobble leftovers if not carefully watched).  And, of course, please meet Mimi …

My name is Mimi ...
My name is Mimi …

Dear, gentle, timid Mimi.  She displays none of the characteristics of the Siamese.  She eats daintily and is a great target for Phu`s attentions if I don`t watch carefully.

The house has a lovely, large garden in North London where the cats are free to roam but they prefer to regard the great outdoors from their various perches in the house and only venture out occasionally and then not very far away.  We see other cats from time to time making their way across the garden on their perambulations.

The cats sleep in a bedroom opposite the room we use.  One night we were woken up by a frightful caterwauling – hissing, spitting, yowling – quite blood-chilling in fact!  I leaped out of bed, George at my heels, opened our door to be met by a black streak making his way downstairs – a large black cat – who hot-footed it to the cat flap and disappeared.  He must be a fairly regular visitor to know his way around that well.  We did report his nocturnal intrusion to the owners who, hopefully, have taken measures to secure the cat-flap.  It took me ages to quieten the girls down again for the night – they were very upset.

Phu resisted all my attempts to groom her longish coat in the two weeks we looked after the cats.  I had to leave an apologetic note for her owner because she looked very tatty!

Occasionally one or more of them would jump up onto the sofa in the evening and settle down with us for a short time but they are not `cuddly` cats so we take them as we find them.  Pad and Phu both like being on the dining table when I use my laptop – they are quite fascinated by the screen and my moving fingers but confine themselves to watching and resist the temptation to pounce or jump on the keys – far too well behaved for that.






9 thoughts on “The cats get a word in …

    1. Hey Jill – this is Anne writing this – Goosey is so puffed up with pride at your comments about him that his beak won`t reach the keyboard over his expanded chest. He will, I know, be impossible for the rest of the week. Darned Goose! Anyway he`s sitting at my feet reading this and he asked me to thank you.


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