Jamie meets his match …

More about that beloved ne`er do well dog of mine – Jamie.  When I bought him from the Dogs & Cats Home in Plymouth, Devon he was very thin, had very little fur on his legs and said legs were covered with sores – ? bites I suspect.  He soon filled out with good food and love and the hair grew on his legs.  He did, however, continue to hate other dogs.  This was a serious problem – given the chance he would go straight for the jugular.  Once he nearly succeeded in removing the lovely nose of a Labrador puppy who dashed to meet and play with him on the park – Jamie was on the lead and I yelled at the Lab`s owner to call him back.  Too late!  Lots of blood, apologies and offer to meet vet`s bills.  This became such a serious problem that I consulted my vet who advised me  to have him neutered.  He said this wouldn`t work right away but, as his hormones settled down, he should become a little more tolerant of other dogs.  He was booked in right away.

OK so he didn`t become `fuzzy and cuddly` around other dogs but at least he began to learn (a) I didn`t approve of unnecessary slaughter of canines and (b) perhaps it wasn`t as much fun as he originally thought and anyway he no longer had to fight for his food.

One weekend Jamie and I went to stay with a friend in Lostwithiel – a Stannary town – ie they used to mint their own currency) and the ancient capital of Cornwall.
Hmmm – I`ve no idea why this has gone into italics without being asked but never mind …
On the Sunday morning I put Jamie on his lead and walked into the small town to buy a newspaper.  On the way I stopped to look at a charming shop that had windows nearly to street level, with a small cill at the bottom.  They had a display of all handmade goods and crafts.  Lovely.  Jamie started to growl – I looked around for the approach of another dog – Jamie`s growls increased in ferocity.  No dog in sight.  Then Jamie put his paws on the window cill and began knocking on the glass with his paw and barking.  He had spotted a life-size West Highland white terrier in the window at his eye-level and was trying to provoke some reaction from the toy.  I began to chuckle and Jamie suddenly realised his error – ever seen a dog blush?  He looked so embarrassed!
We continued to the newsagents and I took Jamie inside, still on his lead.  He did not, thank goodness, have the usual male dog habit of cocking his leg against anything that came his way.  There were piles of newspapers on the floor of the shop and I was searching for the one I wanted.  The shopkeeper yelled at me urgently `Watch the cat!` – I replied that Jamie was on his lead and couldn`t chase the cat even if he wanted to.  Just then there was a flash of ginger fur as this projectile flew out of the stockroom and landed on Jamie`s back, digging in claws and flashing fangs.  The shopkeeper and I managed to prise the cat off without too much damage being done – other than to Jamie`s pride and the fact that he`d had that dented twice on one morning walk.
The cat was well-known in the town and named The Kamakaze Cat of Lostwithiel – apparently it hated dogs with a great passion and attacked them at every opportunity.  We came across him once more some months later  whilst walking down a narrow alleyway – Kamakaze Cat was stalking us along the top of the fence to our left, waiting his opportunity to pounce on Jamie.  Fortunately I was munching a large apple at the time and managed a direct hit!  Well needs must …

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