It`s enough to make a cat laugh …

George, Goosey and I are still housesitting in Essex.  DaisyDog has been well-behaved for the past few days and no, she is not sickening for anything.  Mind you maybe we are being a bit more careful about what we leave in her reach.  When she was a  puppy I painted a large sign which I propped up in the kitchen – it read `Think Daisy …` – I believe the owner still has it somewhere.

I don`t mention the cats much do I?  They girls are getting on a bit – I think they must be about 10 now.  Marina was the original house cat and one day Cinders wandered into the grounds – a stray.  Initially she lived in the stables and was fed there.  She is very timid.  Eventually she was tempted into the house – much to Marina`s disgust.  That was years ago and they still don`t get on.  They sleep in separate bedrooms in different ends of the house.

With the onset of autumn they are becoming very reluctant to go outside.  Cinders in particular.  Their owner hit on the idea of feeding Cinders in the office – a separate building which is really a little complete living area with kitchen, bathroom and lots of kitty-comforts.  So at about 7 am I am to be seen (in my dressing gown unless it is raining) encouraging Cinders to follow me across the gravel drive into the office for her breakfast.  She is then shut out of the house until early evening when she comes in for her dinner.

It is something of an ongoing game for her to try and sneak back into the house when we use the front door – she is usually hiding in a large shrub beside the door.  Yesterday I was taking some rubbish out to the dustbin and used the front door.  Whooooooooooosh – Cinders were there on the step trying to sneak in – I managed to gently brush her away with the rubbish bag.  She sighed audibly and made her way down the steps again and positioned herself in front of George`s car – which is parked by the front door – with a grin on her face and a wink she proceeded to spray over his front number plate – what an aim!


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