A dog`s a dog for a` that …

This idea came to me in bed one evening and I nearly got up and painted it right there and then!  Commonsense prevailed (a rare event) and anyway Goosey and George would have had something to say were I to start putting lights on and getting painting gear out in the middle of the night – although I believe the late lamented Lucien Freud always painted at night.

I`ve called it the Red Collar and it sold the first time I showed it.  It`s painted in watercolour – I love colour and this was a joy.  I also wanted to show that, no matter the internal treatment, one can still see that it is a dachshund.  This is the coloured pencil version of the same dog.

Which brings me to the next point – how is it that dogs recognise another dog?  By smell you will say – nah.  They can spot another mutt even through the car window – but they come in all different sizes, colours and shapes.  I once had a dog that had been abandoned in a department store – no-one claimed him so I took him home (notifying the police I had him) and named him after the store.  He was an amiable mongrel and got on well with other dogs but, in the car, he would bark furiously if he saw another dog – whether parked or moving.  And if that particular dog was a poodle he would have to be prevented from leaping out of the window.  Now how did he tell they were dogs?

There are many tales to tell about Dixon (for that was his name) but they will have to wait `til another time.  Meanwhile if anyone has any answers to my question above I would love to hear from you.

Yours aye, Anne

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