The night`s are drawing in …

The late father-in-law of an old friend of mine used to infuriate him by saying `The night`s are drawing in …` as Autumn approached.  Another one of his sayings was `It stands to reason …` and, although I never met the man in question, I believe there was nothing  about him that was reasonable.

George tells me that his family, when sitting down to Sunday lunch when he was a kid, always used to say that the ….. (whatever meat they were eating – in those days is rotated between pork, lamb and beef – chicken was a luxury and very expensive) was very nice – then someone else would chip in with `but it`s not as good as the ….. (whatever it was) that we had last week.`

My mother, although only twenty years my senior, was full of old sayings – some of which are with me still.  When I`m wandering around the house in the morning tidying up I can hear her say `Don`t put it down – put it away.`  Another one of her pet sayings was `One of these days my girl your head will save your feet.`  I`m still waiting for that to happen.

As I write this Goosey is keeping his beady eye on Daisy Dog – who is in disgrace.  Although her obedience has improved in the four years since we first looked after there is one trait that has not been removed – she is a thief!!!!!  This evening George was cooking our supper (aren`t I lucky) and when I came into the kitchen after feeding the cats upstairs I was met with chaos – a broken dinner plate all over the kitchen floor and a very grumpy George sweeping it up.  Apparently he had turned his back for a few moments to get some clingfilm from a nearby drawer and Daisy had put her paws on the worksurface near the cooker (where the plates were waiting to receive our dinner) in an attempt to grab the frying pan off the cooker – lovely mixed grill – yummy!!!!  She is in disgrace – big time.  George is upstairs in his bath and Daisy has taken the opportunity to join Goosey and me in the kitchen – slinking in – head hanging to see whether she would be welcome.  Cool reception.  I`ve now just stopped her from licking the kitchen floor – this is after George had swept and wet-mopped it – she can still find traces of whatever it was on  that plate.  And she had just been given her dinner before this happened.  I read somewhere that if you wanted to get the very last out of the Marmite jar – give it to a Labrador.  True.

Another saying has just popped into my head `Once a thief – always a thief` – oh dear Daisy that doesn`t bode too well for you!

Yours aye, Anne


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